Client responsible for identifying possible interview guests.

Client responsible for providing location for interview recording 

Hustle Central will prep guests based on information provided by Client

Research of content will be based on information provided by Client

Client responsible for notifying Hustle Central Production 7 day in advance who will be featured in each episode

Once episode is submitted for approval Hustle Central expects approval /rejection in 3 business days from submission.

If no feedback comes from Client in 3 days the work will be billed for.

In addition to the Production Fee, Client shall pay the Producer for any pre-approved expenses.

The Client shall pay the Producer a kill fee of fifty percent (50%) of the Production Fee for a Work that is killed after significant work has begun but prior to completion. The kill fee for completed Work is one hundred percent (100%). After the kill fee is paid all rights will revert to the Producer. 

Travel is not included in any package.

Travel is billed at R200.00 Per trip within Joburg, tavel outside of Joburg will be charged on a case by case basis.


Payment Terms 

Payment is expected on the 30th of each month of the agreement

Proof of payment must be sent to info@hustlecentral.com

Payment must be made to the following account.


Bank Name



Account Name

Hustle Central Productions


Account number



Branch code



Limitations& Exclusions 

Podcast Episodes are limited to 30-minutes. Production is limited to 2 changes per Episode 

Changes are limited to editing and do not include recording

Music Production is limited to 1X3 minute productions

Sound Effects production is limited to Sweeps, Transitions, Glitches, Booms, Impacts, Beeps, ATOMS, Drones and Stagers Promo Production is limited to 2X30 second productions.

Voice over is limited to the use of Hustle Central Voice over talent, 

Voice over is limited to 1XBlack Male, Age 30 or 1X Black female aged 31

Promo Copywriting is limited to 30-second copy in English. 

Podcast Distribution limited to iono.

Production excludes Graphic Design of Album Art

Promo production excludes video production